Asparagus Tales…Expressions of Commitment

Mike commented once that a clear sign of commitment in a relationship is planting asparagus and that maybe it was time for us to put some in our garden. I imagined this was as close to a wedding proposal as I’d ever hear from him, so I quickly agreed. After all, we’d already bought a freezer, which everyone knows is another sure sign that things are bound to last…

That was years ago and I’m happy to say that our asparagus bed (and our marriage) is flourishing! It seems fitting that today—Earth Day—we cut the first tender spears for this growing season. Today we also are pleased to announce the launch of our new website, This website is our place to share innovative ideas, products and inspiration with people who want their everyday lives to make a difference to the planet.  We invite you to join us in our garden and kitchen as we explore ways to live in harmony with nature and community.

The first cutting of asparagus is always a little sparse. It takes a bit for the bed to get going and fill in with tall elegant spears. I think the website will be that way too. I hope you will visit often as the site fills in with content and products for natural garden and lawn care. For now, here is a simple way to prepare asparagus that can add to your celebration of Earth Day, or any day!



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