Blueberries Ripe for the Picking!

Nothing beats walking in from the garden with enough freshly picked blueberries to make a delicious and nutritious summer treat! This year’s crop is plentiful and we are enjoying blueberries on everything.

So what to do with all this abundance? Today I baked blueberry muffins from an adaptation of Mark Bittman’s recipe, “Muffins, Infinite Ways.” See my recipe below.  I love the look of blueberries dressing up a spinach and IMG_2295honeydew melon salad. It’s easy to assemble and add a light drizzle of balsamic vinegar with tarragon.

It takes several years to reach the stage where there are enough berries to eat as anything but a snack while weeding.  Waiting for the bushes to mature is in keeping with my thought, “the garden is my teacher.” She teaches me patience and that good things are worth waiting for. Now we are (finally) enjoying the fruit of this lesson.

Blueberries like acid soils, so we mulch with evergreen needles and amend with peat moss. The greatest challenge is beating the birds to the berries! We drape them in netting to deter birds and fruit flies. We buy the netting at a fabric store to find a IMG_2293 (1)fine enough mesh to keep out the flies. Mike says they look like wedding veils!

Even before the bushes have many berries they are a lovely addition to the garden, lush green in summer and then burgundy red in autumn. There are many varieties from which to select, depending on how much space you have. Give blueberries a try if you have a sunny spot and have (or can adjust) to acid soil.


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