FREE Clay Pot Irrigation Workshop

We love working with Milwaukee area gardeners because it gives a chance to learn new things from others. Whenever we offer a workshop we take away some tidbit that comes out of the experience someone had in their own garden.  There is always more to discover!

We are inspired by the work of Katlyn Pluer and Matt Rudman of UWM’s Garden and Compost Operations Office of sustainability.  They invited us to conduct a VERY hands-on workshop on Clay Pot Irrigation for the gardeners on the UWM campus and opened up the event to anyone who wants to attend!

Join us for a demonstration on how to use a type of passive watering system to water your gardens, perfect for low maintenance and vacations!  To learn how to do this in your own garden, join us outside of the Physics Building at UWM (1900 East Kenwood Blvd) at 4:00 on May 3. This event is open to the public and all are welcome to come and learn. Bring your questions and your ready-to-be-dirtied hands!

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  • Katlyn Pluer

    This workshop was more than just informative it was filled with laughs and great company. All of our students and faculty that attended walked away with extremely useful tidbits about how soil works, the amazing capabilities of water and how we can manipulate those things to benefit our gardens. Very impressed and inspired by Mike and Paulette, I hope to be as skilled a gardener some day. Thank you both for the tomato plant donation and the terra cotta pots! We’d love to have you back.

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