Community Partners

Just like a garden, a community needs many inputs in order to thrive. Our community has a rich seedbed of people, ideas and dreams. In order for these to germinate and grow strong they need to be nurtured. GreenQuest helps this happen by forming partnerships with like-minded organizations in our community and lending our support to their efforts. By giving our time, technical assistance and financial resources we can be part of growing something good.

Each year we select a primary partner organization and learn how we may be of service to their mission. This started small, with in-kind contributions to Alice’s Garden. As our business has grown, so has our ability to make a difference. In 2014 we provided pro bono gardening workshops for the Urban Ecology Center, along with a financial contribution. You can learn more about these fine organizations on our Resources and Links page.

In 2015 our community partner was the Fondy Food Center. GreenQuest proudly supports the Fondy Food Center as a Sponsor of their 2015-16 Winter Farmers Market.

Fondy Food Center’s mission is to connect neighborhoods to fresh, local food—from farm to market to table—so that children learn better, adults live healthier and communities embrace cultural food traditions. The non-profit organization was created in 2000 on Milwaukee’s North Side as a response to a 1996 Food Security Assessment and a 1998 Food Systems Assessment that identified a high concentration of hunger, poverty, and dependence on emergency food pantries in the area.

The Fondy Food Center (Fondy) realizes its mission through its growing number of projects: Fondy Farmers Market, Fondy Farm Project, Milwaukee County Winter Farmers Market, Schlitz Park Pop-up Market & the Milwaukee Farmers Market Connection Coalition.  By supporting small-scale Wisconsin farmers to ensure the supply of fresh food to Milwaukee, Fondy helps to fill the need for fresh, locally grown food in Milwaukee’s neighborhoods through a historic farmers market tradition.