Garlic Scapes Got You in a Pickle?

We grow a few hundred bulbs of organic garlic each year and every June I am at my wits end for what to do with the scapes. This year our friends Gregory and Orry Leon at Amilinda Restaurant in Milwaukee provided an excellent garlic scape pickle recipe, which follows this post.

garlic scapes

Scapes are the crazy curly flower stalks that grow up from the center of hard neck garlic plants. It is typical to snip them off before the bud opens, so the plant’s energy can go into growing the bulb.You can use garlic scapes in recipes that call for fresh garlic. Just chop it up and use in sauces, pesto, herb butter, stir fry–really anything that calls for garlic. Scapes keep well in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use.

Garlic is a base ingredient in Uncle Mikey’s Herbal Extract, our natural garden pest control product.

Amilinda Restaurant is inspired by the tastes of Spain and Portugal, so you can imagine they use plenty of garlic in their menus! Amilinda is a wonderful place to eat delicious food and Gregory and Orry are great supporters of our local food system. They feature locally raised meats and fresh produce in their signature dishes. You can always count on finding a new taste on the menu there.

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