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Just a quick update!

Our blueberries continue to delight me. I’m picking about 6-8 oz. a day! This is our best harvest ever. Feeling bountiful, I baked a batch of Blueberry Hand Pies, using a recipe I found on King Arthur Flour’s Facebook page.

The only thing I changed was increase to 2 1/2 cups of blueberries. I held back the extra 1/2 cup until after I cooked the filling. Then I gently stirred in the reserved berries and let them cook ever-so-slightly in the hot filling, off heat. This gave the filling a very fresh blueberry taste and great texture.

Also, I rolled the dough out to a 16 inch square and made 4 inch pies so the pastry would not be too thick and overpower the filling. I will use this pastry recipe forever! It is buttery, flaky and easy to put together in a food processor–just be careful not to over mix.

The Japanese Beetles have found our blueberries and we are spraying with Uncle Mikey’s Herbal Extract to discourage them. This is an all natural product to control garden pests sbigblueberryafely.

Check out how big these berries are! I can’t wait to harvest again tomorrow!



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