Summing Up Last Season

I’ve been offline for awhile, taking a break from the GreenQuest Gardens. Now that the soil is warming up there’s plenty happening again. Perennials are poking up and last night we had the very first cutting of asparagus for 2017! That’s always a clear sign it’s time to get back to work.

Before launching the 2017 garden, I am proud to report the results of last year’s efforts. Here’s the yield for most of the things we grew:

Tomatoes–202 lbs, Zucchini–32 lbs, Cucumbers–19 lbs, Pickles–44 lbs, Carrots–8 lbs, Broccoli–19 lbs, Green Beans–14 lbs, Hot Peppers–13 lbs, Sweet Peppers–11 lbs, Cabbage–9 lbs, Onions–15 lbs, Garlic–74 lbs, Watermelon, 17 lbs.

We had some trouble with cutworms eating our beets and something messed with the carrots, but all-in-all we had plenty to eat, share and preserve for winter.

My goal always is to see how much of our own garden will feed us through the winter. I made 27 jars of pickles! I also made 32 jars of “Fire Sauce” and 25 jars of salsa and a dozen jars of pepper jelly. We still have a few bags of frozen broccoli and green beans. I’m happy with our work.

I promise to post the “Fire Sauce” recipe once the hot peppers start coming on strong this year. It is a very hot sriracha style sauce that mike eats on everything! It’s way too hot for me!

Meanwhile, we are planning and planting and looking forward to a wonderful 2017 garden season.



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