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Meet Mike Flynn
Mike Flynn

Based in Richfield, Wisconsin, GreenQuest is owned and operated by Michael Flynn.  Known as “Mike the Worm Guy,” Mike has 35 years of experience in the food industry, including food safety and regulatory compliance. Working both in the United States and internationally, he specializes in organic and “chem-lite” approaches which incorporate a variety of tools, such as cell-burst technology, biochar, compost tea and vermicompost.

More About Mike

GreenQuest is a family owned and operated company that provides consulting services, formulates products and crafts processes for commercial indoor and outdoor agriculture. Our main thrust is working with large-scale growers of leafy greens, as well as other agribusinesses. We use our own test gardens for evaluating ideas before offering them to grower clients. GreenQuest combines practical science with data wrapped in experience, to develop solutions which are effective, executable and economically feasible.

We think farms, greenhouses and gardens are great places to discover and practice ways to live more sustainably. We will share what we learn from our gardens, as well as old and new techniques and ideas, which can be scaled to provide practical applications to solve problems and improve production in commercial agriculture.

The Quest

Like many family-owned enterprises, GreenQuest emerged over time from the shared interests and talents of the people involved. It is an expression of our life journey. What makes a journey into a quest? The answer to this question will be different for each of us. We believe a quest is fueled by a yearning for something that’s always just out of reach—a deep longing for a place where one’s core values and heartfelt beliefs are the stuff of daily life. Our quest leads us to discover ways to live and work that foster the health and sustainability of our planet. Along the way, a quest transforms the travelers and, by extension, their world.

New For 2022

The demand for GreenQuest’s hands-on, problem-solving approach in the realm of agribusiness has fueled the expansion of our consulting practice. You can read about some of our current projects on our Portfolio page. Working directly with growers to solve problems and/or implement new ideas is the core of our practice. Serving more as a coach or guide, we seek to empower our clients by helping them to “connect the dots” in order to reach their goals. Additionally, we can custom formulate products to meet a particular need in a cost-effective way. If your business is facing a challenge, or if you just need someone to help you ground-truth an idea, please contact Mike.

The garden is our teacher. Here we discover how
to use nature’s ongoing cycles of transformation to
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InnovatorsWho are GreenQuest innovators?Can connect the dots, like to experimentAre not satisfied with the status quoAre curious, ask questions, are keen observersPeople who:
AlchemistsAt GreenQuest we define alchemy as the
process of transforming something common into
something special.
Alchemists include:MicrobesPeopleEarthworms