On this page you will find examples of our work in support of agribusiness and other enterprises. As with other GreenQuest initiatives, these outcomes emerged from fields rich with experience and are nurtured organically. Our inputs are the ideas, dreams and expectations of our grower clients.

Our work is driven by a commitment to the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. We invite you to contact Mike if you have a project that can use an outside perspective or special expertise. The following case studies may seem very different, yet, they all are connected by a common thread. The businesses reflected here share a deep, abiding commitment to sustainable practices, diverse ecosystems and regenerative agricultural methods. We are honored to walk with each of them on their unique green quest.



  1. a person who provides expert advice professionally.







Burying Water in Belize

In September 2021, we put on our consultant’s hat and traveled down to Belize to start work on a regenerative agriculture project, at SilkGrass Farms, a vertically integrated agribusiness in Southern Belize committed to positive environmental and social impact by reimagining the way food is grown and processed, for good. [...]


On a Spud Quest

In 2021 we were contacted by potato farmers on the Isle of Jersey who want to see if pyroligneous acid can have any positive effect mitigating potato cyst nematode that plagues the growers there.  The Isle of Jersey, one of the channel isles near France, is home to the [...]


Superior Fresh

Early in summer 2021, we began providing technical support work for Superior Fresh.  Superior Fresh is one of the largest aquaponic growers in the USA.  They produce leafy greens, on the greenhouse side, and Atlantic Salmon, on the fish grow out side.  Their operation is certified organic and is [...]