Green Quest

at a Glance


solutions, in partnership with grower clients, for the healthy growth of their crops and enterprise.


primarily with medium and large-scale, indoor and outdoor leafy green growers.


custom additives as specific solutions.


knowledge & experience to accelerate growth.

Green Quest’s approach to working with a grower client can proceed down two different paths.

Path One is where we work with a grower client–in the role of a consultant, coach, trainer and/or guide–to provide knowledge and experience.  This work may look like troubleshooting a problem in a process, acting as a sounding board during process development/improvement, or assisting staff members with shortening their learning curve regarding a specific subject.  This work also may look like working with a grower client to develop their own manufacturing capacity utilizing raw materials they produce onsite.  At the end of the day, we are focused on connecting the dots.

Path Two is where we work with a grower client to develop and manufacture a USDA NOP compliant input, which is effective, executable, and economical, to assist them in growing a high-quality crop.  In this case, a grower client comes to us with an idea/issue.  From here we ask a series of questions that help us build a framework to create a solution.   From the answers to these questions, we are able to understand the grower’s budget on a per-acre application basis, what processes they can execute, and how the grower defines success.   Armed with these answers, we then can make prototype formulations to trial.  It is our experience that it will take multiple rounds of trials to reach a formulation that is ready to go (we have learned to stay humble in the shadow of Mother Nature). Once the grower client is satisfied with the formulation, we then can scale production and manufacture the input for the grower client, or assist with development of onsite manufacturing capacity.

Whether you have a need for a knowledge provider or input assistance, we are here to be of   service to your organization.

To learn more about our approach, visit our Consulting Portfolio for a for a sample of current projects.