“Innovation is a contact sport.”

— Mike Flynn

Innovation Pipeline

The source of innovation for GreenQuest often is discoveries made in our own test gardens, as well as our demonstration plot on the Fondy Farm. Our blog is a way to share this ongoing process. What we learn from the garden can be scaled to meet the needs of our grower clients.

Through interactive dialogue, GreenQuest and the grower co-create innovative solution(s) that are both affordable and effective. These solutions are thoroughly field trialed and modified, as needed, before introduction to a grower for day-to-day use.

Each solution’s formula is re-evaluated, based upon actively collected grower feedback. If you are listening, Mother Nature teaches us that there is always room for improvement.

Check out what we’re learning from our garden! See old and new techniques and ideas for the home garden, which also can be scaled to improve production in commercial agriculture.

Mikes Blog: The Garden is My Teacher

Just like a garden, a community needs many inputs in order to thrive. Dig in here to meet some of GreenQuest’s community partners!

Community Partners