Crafting earth-friendly products for natural garden & landscape care
Sharing practices that promote health and sustainability

On a Green Quest

GreenQuest, LLC is a family owned company that formulates products for natural lawn and garden care and provides technical assistance to gardeners and commercial growers.

This website is a place to share innovative ideas, products and inspiration with people who want their everyday lives to make a difference to the planet.  We invite you to join us in our garden and kitchen as we explore ways to live in harmony with nature and community. Our work is informed by science, refined in practice and shared through the GreenQuest Learning Exchange. Small steps lead us on a journey toward a more sustainable future and we look forward to meeting and learning from fellow travelers along the way. You just might call this a Green Quest….

Uncle Mikey’s Herbal Extract

Uncle Mikey’s Herbal Extract is an insect repellant & antifungal blend for garden and landscape plants

Uncle Mikey’s Vermichar

Uncle Mikey’s VermiChar will improve your soil’s health and structure, and aid in seed germination and plant establishment