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On a Green Quest

Crafting Customized Solutions for Soil, Leaf & Seed

GreenQuest, creates solutions for healthy growth for both indoor and outdoor agricultural businesses, whether organic or conventional. GreenQuest accomplishes this through a customized approach that develops products and processes to meet your specific needs.  We combine current science with an understanding of your operational practices to assist you in bringing a high-quality crop to market.

We apply successful outcomes developed in our test gardens to support our commercial agriculture clients, especially those seeking sustainable and resilient approaches. We purposefully start in our test gardens in order to see and hear the story the plants and soil are telling us. This intimate relationship provides a deeper appreciation for the alchemy involved in growing healthy food.

We invite you to join us as we explore ways to live in harmony with nature and community. Our work is informed by science, refined by experience and shared through the Innovation Pipeline. Read the case studies in our Portfolio to see how we scale what we learn in the garden for use in commercial indoor and outdoor agriculture.

Small steps lead us on a journey toward a more sustainable future and we look forward to meeting and learning from fellow travelers along the way. You just might call this a Green Quest

GreenQuest in Action

Just as no two acres of land are just alike, GreenQuest knows that each grower client is unique. GreenQuest builds on your existing strengths to improve soil, deter pests and increase yields.

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