Project Description

In August, Mike had the opportunity to present a Biochar Practitioners Workshop at the 2022 North American Biochar & Bioenergy Conference: “Decarbonizing our Economy.” The conference was co-hosted by the United States Biochar Initiative (USBI), the Mid-Atlantic Sustainable Biomass for Value-Added Products Consortium (MASBio) and West Virginia University.

USBI is a not-for-profit organization promoting the production and use of biochar in North America. It promotes biochar for sustainable food security, improved soil fertility, and environmental and climate resilience.  The vision of USBI is to leave a legacy of fertile soils and sequestered carbon.

MASBio is led by West Virginia University and funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. It is a regional consortium utilizing our abundant biomass resources for the prosperity and sustainability of the regional bioeconomy. With its network of universities, businesses, and governmental organizations, MASBio is creating opportunities for a multi-feedstock biomass supply chain of blended residues and biomass crops. Biochar is a key component of these value-added bio-products and MASBio is working with partners studying its benefits and potential applications in the region.

Mike was honored to share the podium with Dr. Norm Baker, an ecologist from the state of Washington. Their presentation was titled, “Biochar Practitioners Workshop: Biomass Chars, Production, Practices and Outcomes from Two Perspectives.”  Mike focused on the use of biochar in outdoor and indoor agriculture, drawing examples from his own agricultural experiences , as well as, the ways in which he has helped GreenQuest clients utilize biochar in their commercial agricultural operations.

Follow this link to see Mike’s PowerPoint presentation.