Who are GreenQuest innovators?

People who:

  • Are curious, ask questions, are keen observers;
  • Can connect the dots, like to experiment;
  • Are not satisfied with the status quo.


At GreenQuest we define alchemy as the process of transforming something common into something special.

Alchemists include:

  • Earthworms
  • Microbes
  • People
Students of Nature

Students of Nature

The garden is our teacher. Here we discover how to use nature’s ongoing cycles of transformation to create healthy soil, healthy people, and a healthy planet.

Join us on this journey through information shared on the GreenQuest Learning Exchange

Welcome To GreenQuest

GreenQuest LLC is a family owned and operated company that formulates products for both commercial agriculture and natural lawn and garden care. The main thrust of our work has been working with large-scale growers of leafy greens. We use our own gardens for testing products before offering them for sale. The success of using GreenQuest products in our home garden inevitably had our family and friends asking, “Can we get some of that stuff for our yard?” And now, through the website, the answer to that question is YES!

The Quest

Like many family owned enterprises, GreenQuest emerged over time from the shared interests and talents of the people involved. It is an expression of our life journey. What makes a journey into a quest? The answer to this question will be different for each of us. We believe a quest is fueled by a yearning for something that’s always just out of reach—a deep longing for a place where one’s values and heartfelt beliefs are the stuff of daily life. Our quest leads us to discover ways to live and work that foster the health and sustainability of our planet. Along the way, a quest transforms the travelers and, by extension, their world.

Innovators, Alchemists, and Students of Nature is a website run by and for innovators, alchemists, and students of nature. We think the garden and kitchen are great places to discover and practice ways to live more sustainably. We want to offer more than just the handful of products we sell through this site. Through the GreenQuest Learning Exchange we hope gardeners and cooks of all levels of experience can exchange best practices and innovate in a collaborative way. We believe the garden is a great teacher. We will share what we are learning from our garden, as well as old and new techniques and ideas for getting healthy, delicious food from your garden to your table.

This website will thrive if we have an active community of contributors and commentators. While what works in San Diego may not work in Milwaukee, just  having that additional voice can steer conversations into interesting and revelatory places. This site is for both first-time cooks and gardeners and life-long enthusiasts.

So take a look around, get comfortable, and engage with our articles and presentations. We would like to hear from you to learn what you are trying in your garden and what you want to see on the site! Please email us and let us know what questions you would like tackled in our next blogpost.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to collaborating with you in the future.

Meet The GreenQuest Team

Based in Richfield, Wisconsin, GreenQuest is owned and operated by Michael and Paulette Flynn. Known as “Mike the Worm Guy,” Mike has 30 years of experience in the food industry, working both in the United States and internationally. He specializes in organic and “chem-lite” approaches which incorporate a variety of tools, such as biochar, compost tea and vermicompost. Mike’s love of the earth began at an early age when he helped his grandmother tend her garden. She taught him the wise ways of Mother Nature which started his pursuit of applied science. Calling himself a “professional generalist,” his combination of education and experience provide a unique foundation to create and implement solutions for healthy growth.

Food system issues inform Paulette’s work–whether through making pickles at home or from her 25 years leading the non-profit social enterprise, SHARE, which provided food for 20,000+ people monthly. She spent 10 years traveling throughout the United States working with community leaders to set up new SHARE food programs and then settled in Wisconsin where she served as SHARE’s Executive Director for 15 years. Now she brings her nuts-and-bolts experience in the food industry and her commitment to Servant-Leadership to GreenQuest. Paulette believes the garden is a great teacher and finds inspiration in learning and sharing its ways.

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